About us

Nekuno was born to connect the unrecognized, unacknowledged and misunderstood and has ended up connecting the world

We realized that what makes us unique is the way in which we are connected, and what things connect us. Then we discovered that we share 99% of these connections with other people.

Internet users who see the same series of things philosophize about all this on Twitter/Facebook; they subscribe to similar events, and ultimately think like you do and enjoy the same things.

Can you imagine getting everybody to agree about an article that you didn’t know until it was recommended to you today?

This is the enormous step forward that Nekuno has achieved.

For the first time in history, we can filter the entire world in terms of who we are to make the invisible visible, to discover things we would love to know, but which we didn’t even know existed.

Nekuno team

Discover the team of people who make Nekuno possible

Nyx Romero Redondo

Founder - CEO

Miguel Angel Pérez

Co-Founder - CBO

Juan Luis Martínez

Chief Technology Officer

Roberto Martínez

Data Scientist

Manolo Salsas

Web Developer