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An Internet for you

Nekuno brings you closer to the future you’ve always wanted, because it understands you and knows about everything everywhere thanks to the Internet.

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Surprise Yourself

Pick the type of recommendations you want to see or let Nekuno choose for you.

We know what you like because we know who you’re like

Nekuno lets you form deep connections with like-minded people, showing your levels of similarity and compatibility.

Rediscover the Organizations You Belong To

Ask your organization to join Nekuno to optimize work groups by identifying the glue that holds team members together.

Meet the people you want at any time in your life

Filter everything you want: from key responses and specific tastes like favorite song to physical appearance or city of residence.

Find your people at an event

You’re surrounded by interesting people but you’re not sure who to approach first, or maybe you don’t know where to find them to begin with. Consider that problem solved thanks to Nekuno.

We take your privacy very seriously

So seriously that all of our users are anonymous and have complete control over all their data.

Nekuno primarily works with the social networks you have synced

You can control the information you give and block information if you so desire.

Put selective restrictions on the information you share on your profile

Only you decide which types of people can contact you and what information they can see.

Just one button separates you from a world waiting to be discovered.

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